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Village Agent

The Community Council for Somerset has appointed a number of Village Agents in the county, to support people living in rural areas of Somerset. Rather than proffering advice, Agents provide an overview of services available in the county and offer help to access them.

Our Village Agent is Jacqueline (Jacky) Smith.
For more information from Jacky, click to visit the Village Agent page.

Local Police

Our beat manager for Ston Easton and Clapton (amongst others) is Jay Appleton (Wpc 2714), supported by police community support officer 8877 Nikki Housley. They can be contacted regarding items of concern to residents that don't require an immediate response, or anything that makes the neighbourhood safer.
Please note that there could be a delay of several days before messages are collected, so this is for non-urgent matters only.

Email: <> or <>
Phone: 0845 456 7000

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