Ston Easton Village Hall

Ston Easton Village Hall is located on the village playing field, accessed from Green Street (between Penny Plant Hire and the the old bus shelter on the main road).
The nearest postcode is BA3 4DA
GPS coordinates are N: 51.28107  E: -2.544768

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Ston Easton Village Hall was opened on the 17th July 2009.


To book the hall please contact Lyndsay Thomas - 01761 241172

To remind you of what it looked like before, have a look in the photo gallery.

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Since the Village Hall itself was refurbished in 2009, the old Red Room as we know it (the timber clad portacabin to the right of the hall as you see it from the playing fields) has come to the end of its prolonged useful life. The flat roof has been failing and has been patched time and time again over the years. The pre-school vacated a while ago now and the damp is encroaching the village hall wall. It has reached the point where the portacabin just has to go.

We are a small village and without a huge amount of support could not see a way forward to replacing this building. We had intended to remove the red room portacabin and to possibly obtain planning consent for an extension against the kitchen, however this is just too big an ask financially and we wanted to protect what we have; it has transpired that the end wall of the hall ( kitchen end) was only ever built as an internal wall with no cavity or proper protection from the elements. With help from Pete King who has joined the committee as project manager for this enormous task. We are currently obtaining prices to safetly take down and remove the portacabin and other quotes to build a gable end wall and to extend the roof over this new wall in order that the hall (that end of it anyway!) can withstand the worst that Mendip weather has to throw at it. The idea is that we will then create additional parking spaces where the old red room was and erect a boundary fence.

Fundraising has been slow (2 of our very limited committee have been unavailable/unwell for the last year) but we are now up and running again.

See the events listing for details of two fund-raising events in March and April - Family Skittles and Fish & Chip evening on 14th March and a Duck Race on 13th April.

If anyone would like to join our committee or become involved with raising funds/ fund raising events then please do not hesitate to contact Shane 01761 241670 or Tori 07792 272970. “Every Little Helps!”
March 2014


You can download the following documents:


DRAFT minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting35.06 KB
Invitation to the Opening Tea Party83.97 KB