It's back in service

The black polythene wrapping has gone and our postbox is once again back in use, only seven months after the old box was knocked down and removed.

Here's hoping that any letters posted in it will be dealt with in a more timely fashion!

It's back!

The village postbox has finally returned to its original position. It only took six months to put it back, but we still can't use it.

Now everyone is wondering how long it'll take to remove the polythene wrapping and return it to service!

Play Area Reopens


Please follow the guidance below and posted on site.

Whilst some wipes will be provided, we'd be grateful if you would bring your own anti-bac wipes with you to wipe down touch points after your visit. This will help our funds go further with potential additional play equipment and maintenance in the future.

Enjoy 😀




The Main Road

An open letter from Ele Nash

Dear Villagers,

I hope everybody is keeping safe and well in these crazy times.

Back in October last year, myself and my two children had a near miss crossing the A37 from the bus stop. A van came around the corner too fast and I had to run with the buggy and my four-year-old to get across the road. The buggy caught the edge of the very small dropped curb and it tipped fully over. Luckily, my baby was strapped in and none of us were hurt, though we all fell and were quite shaken up. Since then, I have been engaging with the council on what might be done to make things safer in Ston Easton.

At present, there is no safe crossing point in the middle of Ston Easton, despite the fact that the bus stop is used by multiple children and is adjacent to a care home. There is not even a dropped curb on each side to allow a buggy or wheelchair across more easily. In addition, anybody who has attempted to walk around the bend to the northern section of the village, particularly with buggies, kids or dogs will know how risky this is. Indeed, a quick search on shows there have been over 20 (reported) road traffic incidents over the last 21 years, including fatalities. The peppered wall throughout, police tape and lorry tracks across the pavement serve as a constant reminder of how many drivers lose control. Even during lockdown, a cement mixer overturned and caused chaos. I used to do the school run through the hotel to make it safer, but this is sadly no longer an option.

I have raised these concerns with Tom Killen at a local level who has kindly passed it on to Mike Pullin at the County Council. They are raising it with the Highways Health and Safety team. I am not a highways expert so I do not want to give a specific request on how to calm the traffic or provide a safe crossing point but I do want them to do a proper assessment, engage with the community and find a solution that works for all.

I have only lived in Ston Easton for six years and I know from Tom Killen and from my neighbours that this issue has been raised before, so I wanted to let the village know what I am doing and give people a chance to add in their voice. Concerns can be directed to Mike Pullin; 07885372447 or, if you prefer, you can email me and I will collate them all and send them on . I personally intend to film my journey home from the bus stop for him so he can see the problem.

My aim is that the only loss we suffer in the village due to vehicles is the post box.

Yours faithfully,

Ele Nash

Postbox Update

Latest news is that it will be replaced, but may take a while! Apparently when a box is knocked over they have to consider if it should be relocated so it doesn't happen again. So we just have to wait...

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MUGA Reopens



The MUGA court is now open again for the use of tennis ONLY.

(The play area remains closed.)

Those who wish to play tennis, need to be EITHER
- members of the same household
- 2 people (1 person each from 2 households only) who practice social distancing.

We kindly ask that you refer to this link and the posters below ( also on site and at this link ) to familiarise yourself with what is required to use the court.

We hope you understand that if we feel that the guidelines are not being followed, or the advice changes, the court may have to be closed without notice.

Thank you for your support,
Get Active Ston Easton

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VE Day Celebrations

Happy VE Day everyone! Show us your bunting!

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Playing Field Grass

Grass Cutting of Village Playing Fields

Over the next few weeks, you will notice the grass is being left uncut. In the past the sports clubs who used the playing field have taken care of this. Since they have disbanded the Village Hall has stepped in and been meeting the cost from income, generated from events and regular users. At a cost of £65 +VAT per cut.

The new Village Hall committee has decided that without any funding for this, and with no substantial income for the foreseeable future, we need to preserve what little funds we have to cover essential costs such as insurance, electricity and water bills.

We are seeking help from other sources to solve the situation for now and the future and would ask you to bear with us. We are working hard towards improving the Village Hall.

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The Village - Gallery

Photos around the village

A selection of photos of and around Ston Easton, taken at different times of year and at specific village events. Do come back again and see what's been added!

Click photos to view

Postbox Missing!

Apparently the village post box was knocked down, presumably by a vehicle. Our postman found it lying down and emptied it, so any mail inside is safe. Hopefully it will be reinstated in a few days time.