It's time to give the Village Hall a makeover. After ten years of use there are lots of things that really need to be repaired or improved, ready for the next ten years of service to our village community.

We need volunteers!

Please take a look at what's already been achieved, and what still needs to be done. If there's something you'd be willing to take on or help with, or if you have a special skill or knowledge that we could use, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you.
Contact Val at and join the team.

Click on the headings below to follow our progress.

Future tasks

  • Source materials for repairs at favourable rates.
  • Repair/re-build veranda decking.
  • Improve car parking area.
  • Electrical work: check/repair existing and quote for improved heating system.
  • Repair and paint back door.
  • Wash and repair curtains – we can get better ones when we have money.
  • New toilet seat for disabled toilet.
  • Sort out kitchen cupboards – inventory? Replace or add to crockery if needed.
  • Sort out and clean bar area – new cupboard or shelves – re-stock glasses.
  • Install sound system.
  • Locks/keys for doors to changing rooms & toilets.
  • Clear area behind hall of vegetation.
  • Signs:
    • hanging one for road;
    • large for outside front of hall.
  • Plant troughs and hanging baskets for front of hall.
  • Trellis for walls.
  • Make good paintwork where needed, exterior doors in particular.
  • Interior gloss paintwork to be re-done.
  • Negotiate better deal for insurance.
  • Keep looking for grants available for refurbishments to village halls which we will need for heating and insulation.

Update - April/May 2020

Not much has been possible due the the Covid-19 lock-down, but a few tasks have been achieved, including:

  • Financial accounts completed and in process of submitting to the Caharities Commission.
  • Electricity and water contracts re-negotiated and payments suspended during lock-down.
  • Hanging baskets and troughs planted up ready to be installed when ready.
  • More potholes filled in the drive.

Update - March 2020

  • New committee in place.
  • Reconstructed accounts for past five years almost complete.
  • Updated bank account mandate in progress (new signatories, name changed to "Ston Easton Village Hall".
  • Plumbing above changing rooms adjusted and leak repaired so water to toilets is available.
  • Two hot water urns now available for kitchen.
  • Noticeboard moved from entrance hall to main hall.
  • Coat-hooks removed from changing room, now fitted in entrance lobby.
  • Hall storage room cleared out ready for storage of hall chairs. (Contents moved to redundant changing room for storage).
  • Vacuum cleaner donated, several offers of sound systems (to be arranged in due course).
  • Front doors trimmed for easier opening/closing, and new internal handle fitted.
  • Several huge potholes in drive filled by Truespeed contractors while working outside (and hopefully more to follow).
  • Loose tiles in kitchen made good.
  • Hall has had a good clean.
  • Volunteers in place to repair kitchen plaster, to reconstruct veranda, and to improve parking area.

Thanks for reading! Now let's see how quickly we can move all those "future tasks" into "achievements".